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“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

 - Anne Lamott


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How does Workplace ZEN work?

  • Workplace ZEN consist of top-rated massage 

    therapist who are licensed, insured and fully vetted by the state of California and the Workplace ZEN team. We travel to your workplace with massage chairs, relaxing music, aroma therapy and all the extras to create a spa atmosphere at your workplace.

  • Massage therapist massage; the neck, back and arms. Key points of stress when working with your hands or at a desk.

  • Staff is fully clothed. No special preparation or clothing removal is necessary.

  • You choose the frequency; a one-time company retreat, or a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly employee perk.

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We serve offices, tradeshows, special events and individuals in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego and surrounding area.


Tel: 562 - 237 - 3244


Open 7 days

6am - 10pm


Across the world, people are immersing themselves in increasingly demanding workplaces where stress is the norm and tension consumes bodies. A healing touch can transform a person's state of being. Workplace Zen provides chair massages in workplace environments by therapists that are licensed and vetted by the state of California. Since its opening, Workplace Zen has serviced clients from ESPN, Macy's, Federal Credit Unions, law firms, insurance companies, and many others who were fortunate to experience and benefit from their team's trained hands. Workplace Zen would love to bring comfort to your business or event. Book an appointment today!
"I have always embraced a mind, body, spirit approach to life that includes positive thinking, kindness and intuitive guidance for healthy more conscious living."
-D'Lea Davis; Founder,
Master Massage Therapist



"Workplace ZEN is the BEST! Their therapist are extremely professional and talented.

- Lemuel D. *Deutsche Bank

"The staff has had the pleasure of receiving massages from Workplace Zen for over 2 years. All of us look forward to her visits as a highlight of our work week."

-Daniel W. Post; President. Post Insurance Services

"One of the best decisions we made with respect to providing wellness benefits to our employees. A massage experience that is SIMPLY AMAZING."

-Robert West; VP of HR. Priority One Credit Union

The Workplace ZEN team are professional, warm and incredibly knowledgeable. They are a must if you're considering bringing more wellness opportunities to your employees."

-Claire de Louraille; Editorial Project manager. BuzzFeed


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  • Give new energy to your corporate wellness program.

  • Great employee perk.

  • Corporate or private events.

  • We bring everything

  • Improve corporate wellness and employee morale with an office chair massages the ultimate office perk.


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